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The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide Order Form


Yes, I want to order your downloadable e-book now for only $39.95 before the price goes up and discover how to eliminate my shoulder pain for good!


I fully understand that my order includes a digital copy of The Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide E-Book and the following FREE downloadable product bonuses worth over $200.


Bonus # 1

The Rotator Cuff Explained   

Live 90 minute audio file of a rotator cuff teleseminar with Brian Schiff discussing tendonitis, bursitis, tears and common causes of rotator cuff injuries.  In this in depth discussion (including live question and answer) he talks about classification of tears, how to assess and treat them, and how to know if you are a good candidate for surgery.  You also receive a 40 slide power point that accompanies the talk with detailed pictures of anatomy, research citations and relevant info on how to care for your shoulder whether you have a mild strain or massive tear. ($20 value)


Bonus #2     

This e-book by Brian Schiff entitled Self Stretching Guide for Stiff & Painful Shoulders could easily sell for $37 on its
own!!  It has everything you need to know about stretching and range of motion exercises for rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, arthritis and even frozen shouldersDiscover how 14 therapeutic shoulder specific exercises will help you regain full motion in your painful shoulder.
($37 value) 


Bonus #3     

Live video clips of each exercise featured in the guide.  You will be able to watch just one or all of them if you like. ($20 value)  


Bonus # 4      

 Free email support for your questions for 30 days from the date of purchase. ($99 value)



Bonus # 5

Official written transcripts from a 60 minute interview with Brian Schiff discussing in-depth issues not specifically addressed in the e-book.  ($125 value)  Topics include:

  • Understanding the different types of shoulder impingement
  • How shoulder stability affects the rotator cuff
  • Are machines safer than free weights?
  • Differentiating between pain referred from the neck versus shoulder pain
  • How does the fitness program differ after physical therapy?
  • What training modifications are needed after undergoing rotator cuff surgery?



     By ordering, I understand that my investment is fully protected by your 60 Day NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100%
money back guarantee if I am not completely satisfied.